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1. Educational activity

In the cooperation with the laser association of Russia CPLIT are carried out in Obninsk the educational courses on preparation and retraining of specialists, who carry out the introduction of laser technologies in the production enterprises of the region.

2. Consultations to the enterprises of the Kaluga region

Consultations in mastering of laser technologies, the selection of equipment and company- suppliers; the demonstration of the possibilities of laser technology, fulfilling the requirements of safety engineering with the work on laser installations, etc.

3. The information service

Conducting marketing studies, the study of laser market, needs and possibilities of enterprises into the part of the laser technologies, assistance in the establishment of contacts with the developers of laser technologies, with the German laser centers, participation in the regional and federal programs, etc

4. Industrial-technological services

Rendering of production services on laser materials processing. In particular, we propose to you:

  • Laser cutting, piercing and bending of metallic sheet materials on the equipment of firm Trumpf.
  • Treatment of nonmetallic flat and cylindrical materials (plywood, film, the plastics, glass-, rubber, ceramic, composite materials and other) on the laser installations of a series COMBINATION TwinLas and VOTANТМ

5. Delivery of equipment from Germany

Delivery from Germany the equipment of the main producers of laser technique.

Orders can be directed to the email laser-center2@r-tech.ru, phone/fax (48439) 2-30-61, as well directly from this website.

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